Item #52052one bucket of wirogel, next to one bucket of castogel

Castogel® Hydrocolloid

Reversible special duplicating hydrocolloid based on agar-agar

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Item #54354one bucket of wirogel, next to one bucket of castogel

WiroGel® M Hydrocolloid

Duplicating gel based on agar-agar hydrocolloid for producing models using investment material, plaster and the acrylic casting technique

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Item #52090Box of combi product, next to one clear plastic piece of product, and three blue plastic pieces of product

Combi Duplicating Flask

The low thermal conductivity of the plastic guarantees stress free cooling of the duplicating material. Designed for use with BEGO mold rings.

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Item #52072, #52083product box, and five assorted product pieces of the flask system.

Wirosil® Duplicating Flask

Precise reproduction, saving of material, dimensional stability and easy handling characterize the Wirosil® duplicating flask system

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Item #51995, #52001Wirosil Trim

Wirosil® Duplicating Silicone

Wirosil® is an addition-cured two-component silicone that reproduces master models extremely accurately due to its excellent dimensional stability.

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Item #52015, #52019bottle of aurofilm liquid and measuring cup


Wetting agent for investment and releasing the surface tension of silicone duplicating molds.

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