Leasing with BEGO means payment plan options that meet your needs.

Our team understands the business challenges you face and how to overcome them by delivering solutions that support your business goals and budget. BEGO empowers dental professionals all over the world with the most advanced technology available.

A financing solution with BEGO allows you to access the technology you need to advance your science in a way that is cost effective. Our industry experts will help you maximize resources and minimize risk with an attainable cost-of-use.


Advantages of financing with BEGO

A single source solution for dental laboratory technology, funding, and equipment management allows you to:

Optimize use of capital resources

  • Maximize access to new technology, regardless of budget cycles
  • Leverage vendor financing to manage asset lifecycle

Improve cash flow forecasting

  • Manage large acquisitions with predictable monthly payments

Speed up your return on investment (ROI)

  • Payments start after installation
  • ROI calculation based on monthly payment amount

Establish a strategic replacement plan

  • Increase lab performance and reduce system downtime

Our highly responsive team focuses on meeting your goals behind the latest innovations, technologies, and expertise in a way that is financially viable.