Premium Print Experience with Ackuretta Technologies & BEGO Dental 3D Printing Materials

Ackuretta Technologies and BEGO’s industry-leading 3D printing materials will be integrated in the Ackuretta 3D printing systems.

Ackuretta*, a manufacturer of advanced, human-centered dental 3D printing solutions, and BEGO, the dental materials specialist with over 130 years of experience in the dental industry, are partnering to offer start-to-finish dental workflows by adding validations for the cutting-edge permanent and temporary restorations out of VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp, as well as other BEGO 3D printing materials like VarseoWax Model to Ackuretta’s ecosystem.

As the world’s first approved tooth-colored, ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing of permanent restorations, VarseoSmile Crown plus provides dental professionals with the unique opportunity to create crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers within minutes and at a minimal mate

rial cost. “Our material enables a fast supply possibility with an excellent price-performance ratio. The printed restorations are also characterized by high aesthetics, low aging and discoloration tendency and high comfort for the patient. Extensive scientific studies by renowned universities and institutes confirm the excellent features of restorations made of VarseoSmile Crown plus”, reports Thomas Kwiedor, Head of Business Development 3D Printing at BEGO.

“With VarseoSmile Crown plus and Ackuretta SOL or DENTIQ, users can leverage the greatest innovation in dental 3D printing of the last year”, according to Ayush Bagla, CEO of Ackuretta. “It’s always been the aim of Ackuretta to produce permanent restorations chair-side in minutes. This partnership and the integration of BEGO materials for permanent and temporary restorations ensures dental professionals can combine state-of-the-art technology and BEGO’s expertise in one outstanding solution. The low production cost and reduced complexities of the dental workflow is truly a milestone for the industry.”

The intuitive design of the specialized LCD 3D printers DENTIQ and SOL by Ackuretta allows for a simple pour & print experience, reducing the need for manual input and maximizing the efficiency of the workflow. With an ultra-high resolution of 47 micron and BEGO’s biocompatible materials Ackuretta’s 3D printers produce aesthetic results with every print.