LMT East Clinics 2015

LMT East Clinics

Saturday, September 19th, 2015 - 7:30am-5:00pm

Room: 305, 3rd Floor

7:30 - 8:30 OSHA Lab Safety and GHS Made Simple!

-United Alliance & BEGO USA

Course Description:

Join us for a course that will teach you the importance of standard precautions as well as the importance of laboratory safety. Understand the role of regulatory and risk management issues that are present in the dental lab. Identify strategies that can prevent exposure to workplace hazards. Review the Global Harmonization System standards and requirements.

9:00 - 10:00 State-of-The-Art RPD Materials and Techniques for Digital and Non-Digital Manufacturing

- Martin Schmid, CDT

Course Description:

RPD's are growing and projected to grown long into the future. Participants will see state-of-the-art hand and digital designing options, wax and printed patterns, and fast cast techniques for casting frames in less than an hour from investing.

10:30 - 11:30 Press-to-Traditional and SLM Metals - Profit from PFM's Again!

- Joerg Mueller, MDT

Course Description:

Mr. Mueller will take participants through a step-by-step Press-to-Metal process for single units to large bridges, with traditional and Selected Laser Melted alloys. Participants will learn critical information from split file digital designs and machined wax output, through investing, pressing, finishing, staining and glazing. Today's updated Press-to-Metal materials and digital metals offer an efficient way to increase consistency and truly manage the most labor intense process in the lab; PFM ceramic application.

1:00 - 3:00 Title: Your Future by Design. Artistry, Technology and Our Evolution

- Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS

Course Description:

What will affect you and your business in the future and how you can control its outcome.

We are at an exciting time where artistry, technology, products and processes are shaping our industry. In today's evolving market place the importance of utilizing technology is paramount to our success. Yet the loss of the artistic process has had an effect on the market. Our goals for the future of the dental health industry is to provide esthetic, functional restorative options to support the physical and financial need of our patients. The Technicians role will be more demanding in the future as we must have an understanding of each of the material options, the technological processes and utilize our artistic abilities. As the clinical side of dentistry continues to evolve, we must design our future to be a viable partner in the process.

Lecture topics to include:

  • The Future Technician
  • Design your future [do not let it by designed for you]
  • Case management,
  • Diagnostic communication
  • Preparation guided Ceramic layering and contours
  • The use on new technologies
  • The importance of photographic communication and perception

1-Hour Regulatory Standard Credits

Pre-registration: $55; Registration at show: $65

Call BEGO USA to register 800-342-2346